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3 Components of Building a Great Gazebo


Planning Ahead


There are plenty of factors that go into planning for a gazebo. First you will want to consider the type and style of gazebo you’d like - preferably something that blends with your home’s current landscape and style. For a traditional or rustic look, a wood gazebo is the perfect fit (although wood can also look sophisticated and elegant given the proper landscaping and decor). For a clean and modern look, a vinyl gazebo will fit in perfectly.


Size is also a major consideration. Evaluating the land before choosing a gazebo type and size will ensure your gazebo will not be too small nor too big. Carefully map out the area and add in an addition 1-2 feet on all sides


The area needs to be level. When choosing a site for a gazebo, avoid low-lying areas where water collects. Set it on a level or elevated spot in order to keep it dry, and to maximize the view.


Putting it Up


Setting up a gazebo from is simple and quick. All you need is a few tools, a weekend, and perhaps a friend to help you out. We offer manageable, Do-it-Yourself gazebo kits that require little to no carpentry experience. This has become an extremely popular way of assembling a gazebo. We recommend allowing yourself a couple of days back to back, for example a weekend. With just a little bit of diligence you’ll be sipping your favorite beverage from the comfort of your gazebo in no time.


Bells and Whistles


Once you’ve chosen your gazebo style, structure and size, you may want to consider adding additional elements. We call these the “bells and whistles.” Many gazebo owners choose to have their structure wired. This allows the gazebo to be used as extra living space (dining room, reading room, outdoor living room, entertaining space) at any hour. When it comes to electrical wiring, consider not only the best way to illuminate the inside of the gazebo, but also what will make it most attractive when seen from a distance.


Screens are another popular option. This will deter mosquitos and other pests from joining your dinner parties. Another idea is adding removable windows, which can extend the gazebo’s use in cooler weather. Sliding lattice-panel sides provide privacy screening as needed.


Not sure what you’d want to add your gazebo? The staff at would more than happy to discuss options with you.

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