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3 Reasons to Purchase a Gazebo Kit


What if owning a gazebo was as easy as purchasing a kit and assembling it yourself in just one short weekend? Well, it is! is known for their quality craftsmanship and timeless designs. We are also known for our easy-to-purchase gazebo kits. If you’re ready to jazz up your outdoor space, we believe purchasing a gazebo kit from is just the way to do it.


1. Weighing the Benefits


Visit a “big box store” like Lowes® or Home Depot® and you will quickly discover our handcrafted gazebo kits are the better value. Why? Because we are the manufacturer! A large retailer has to cover the expenses for the store itself, their distributor and the manufacturer. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer ( is a quick, easy and affordable way to get the job done. Additionally, our top-notch customer service and product knowledge cannot be beat.



2. Quick, Easy and Rewarding


Got a free weekend? Have a toolbox? Got a friend or family member who can lend a hand? Perfect. You have everything you need to assemble a gazebo kit. ensures your gazebo kit arrives with all the parts you need to assemble it quickly - no experience necessary!  We will also provide detailed set up and assembly instructions. Once you’re finished, you won’t be able to help but stand back and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.


3. Flawless Shipping aims to deliver all of our products in a timely fashion. The time it takes to receive your gazebo kit depends on the season and where you live. During the peak season (spring and early summer), order to shipping time is three to four weeks. During the off season, this can be as little as one week! Transit time to your site can take anywhere from 2 to 6 business days.


Consider this, too:


Gazebo kits are shipped in pre-assembled wall & roof sections.

All fastening hardware is included.

Gazebo kits are shipped via select freight carriers (unless you live within our 3 hour shipping radius).

Shipping costs will vary according to the size of your gazebo and your shipping destination.

So, what are you waiting for? Spring is right around the corner. A handcrafted gazebo is just what you need to add that extra bit of flare to your backyard. If you’re looking for something a little different, we are happy to create a custom structure just for you. Our custom gazebos are a great option for those in search of a unique look.

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