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Compliment Your Gazebo | Outdoor Trends for Spring


It’s a fact that Midwesterners take full advantage of warm weather. Even 50 degrees is a delicate opportunity to emerge from the indoors for walks, bike rides, barbecues, yard work so much more. Naturally, as the weather starts to warm up more and more people are falling back in love with their outdoor structures. From gazebos, pergolas, pavilions and three season gazebos, the rise in temperature and longer days are a perfect recipe for outdoor enjoyment.


Of course spring wouldn’t be spring without a few enhancements. Make your gazebo and outdoor space even more inviting than it already is! Here a few outdoor trends for Spring 2014.



Outdoor Furniture

Patio furniture or outdoor furniture has been around forever. But this year, many homeowners are stepping it up a notch. This season, outdoor sectionals and conversation sets are more popular than ever. Modern pieces such as these are great for large families or hosting gatherings. Outdoor furniture can make an ordinary gazebo an extraordinary gazebo. Transform your gazebo into the outdoor room you’ve always dreamt of!




If your yard is in need of some modern flare, adding color to your furniture or gazebo is the way to go. Bold and cool colors such as teal, purple, brown and rust-orange are popular for 2014. If you are looking for a traditional look, you can add some personality to a plain couch or chair with a colorful accent pillow. If you enjoy modern touches, mismatching color combos is a fun way to change things up.



Fire Pits

Okay. We can’t exactly say fire pits are new… but they are making a come back! What could be better than a cool spring night around the fire? Fire pits are fun for family, friends and neighbors. And they are the perfect outdoor seating area to accompany a gazebo.Enjoy dinner inside the gazebo, and dessert around the fire. S’mores anyone?




One of the most common trends for spring and summer is the interest homeowners have taken in creating their own garden oasis. Ideal for relaxing, unwinding or entertaining, these garden hubs (also known as stay-cations) are a popular alternative to traveling away from home. This allows homeowners to both beautify and enjoy their home’s outdoor environment. If you have a gazebo, you’ve already taken the most crucial step in creating a true outdoor oasis. Don’t have a gazebo? Start your search here.

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