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Does Your Gazebo Project Need a Building Permit?


Before building - or even purchasing a gazebo - you must find out what the rules and regulations are for completing the project. Do you need a building permit?


Each state or municipality writes its own rules about when a building permit is needed. With that said, a job that requires a building permit in one place may not require it in another.


So, how do you know if you need a permit for your gazebo? First, research your location. You can find building permit information at your city’s website, or by calling the village office. To be even more cautious, prepare plans that show in detail what you will be doing.




Why building permits are beneficial:


It Helps Your DIY Project


No matter how handy you are, you may not know everything about modern building practices. Getting a permit requires showing your building department your plans - and if they don’t fall in line with the codes, you eliminate your chances of building something that is dangerous or unsound.


Comes in Handy If Selling Your Home:


Whether or not you need a building permit, finding out for sure is always the best policy. Should work be performed without a permit and you decide to sell your home, a potential homebuyer will surely be notified. The building permit process is a matter of public record.


Ensures Your Insurance is Valid


What if a fire broke out while working on your project? What if lumber fell atop of a car? Building without a permit can be detrimental to your insurance policy, and leave you with the bill should anything go awry.


In our experience, most gazebo building projects do not require a permit. But, it is better to be safe than sorry, so always check with your town’s building department before starting any home project. Still looking for your perfect outdoor structure? Browse gazebos, pavilions, pergolas and three season gazebos today!

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