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Dressing Up Your Gazebo


What type of gazebo are you looking for? Wood or Vinyl? To properly answer this question, you must first consider what your gazebo will be used for. Will it be blended in with the rest of your landscape? Then perhaps a wood gazebo is the gazebo for you. Will the gazebo be the focal point of the outdoor space? In that case, a vinyl gazebo is the better fit.


Both wood gazebos and vinyl gazebos have a lot to offer in terms of style, elegance and long term benefits. But one thing many gazebo owners struggle with is coming up with the best way to “dress up” their outdoor structure. Of course gardens, koi ponds, fences and lighting are obvious solutions - but what about those of us who want to get a little more creative?


Add a Deck: Have you ever thought of using your gazebo as a natural extension of your deck? Or what about adding a deck as a natural extension of your existing gazebo? Not only does this create a larger space, but it makes the gazebo feel truly connected to your home - as it’s another room or living space.  Plus, leading your friends into a gazebo that is connected to a deck makes the experience a tad more exciting.


Lovely Lattice: Make an ordinary gazebo and extraordinary gazebo with a lattice facelift. Lattice can be used to add an aesthetic touch, or to enclose a gazebo. Since most gazebos have open sides, lattice can fill the openings, adding style and comfort.


Fabric: A piece of simple fabric can dress up any gazebo. Aside from our three season gazebo, most gazebos have sides that are open to the elements. This offers the perfect opportunity to add some outdoor-safe fabric into the mix. Fabric doesn’t just add a stylish touch - it also offers a solution to shield sun.


Hanging Plants: Open sided gazebos are the perfect spot to incorporate hanging plants. It adds that feeling of “home” to an outdoor space. If you like the idea of “hanging items” you can also test your luck with hanging lights such as lanterns or paper globe lighting.


Making your gazebo unique has endless possibilities. For more tips about building a gazebo or decorating a gazebo, stay in touch with our blog. We provide weekly tips and suggestions for making the most of your gazebo.

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