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Family, Friends, Food: The Perfect Holiday Under Your Gazebo


Happy July! Can you believe we’re already half way through the year? As we move into the last two months of summer, it’s time to really take of advantage of the outdoors - and what better way than with the perfect Fourth of July Party? From the menu, preparing your landscape and of course, decorating your gazebo to flawlessly represent the holiday, throwing a summer barbecue is a great way to enjoy good company, the outdoors and your outdoor gazebo.


Step 1: Plan for a Potluck


Potlucks are a great way to throw an awesome barbecue without breaking the bank. While budget friendly, a potluck will also make things easier on you (the host) because you can focus on manning the grill and the main course and not have to worry about preparing side dishes. So, what’s for lunch? Brats and hot dogs are a staple of Fourth of July, along with burgers, grilled chicken and ribs. Pick your favorites and get grillin’!


Tip: Don’t forget about the vegetarians! Make sure to have a few meatless-options, too. Black bean burgers, tofu dogs, or even a slew of grilled veggies make for great alternatives.


Step 2: Spruce Up Your Landscape


So many of us obsess over the perfectness of our lawns. However, if there is anytime that obsessing is particularly acceptable, it’s when you’re preparing for a backyard barbecue. Along with trimming the hedges, pulling weeds and mowing the lawn, you will also want to make sure you have some vibrant flowers planted. Why not give the guests something pretty to look at?


Tip: Got mosquitos? Don’t hesitate to invest in some bug repellent. Place bug spray on tables, and even try other methods. Tiki torches around your gazebo and netting over the entrance and openings might really come in handy!


Step 3: Prepare the Gazebo


There is no doubt that your outdoor gazebo will be the focal point of the party. Since it’s such a festive holiday, take some time to properly prepare and decorate the space. If your gazebo functions as a place to dine, start with some festive red, white and blue tablecloths, napkins, cups, plates and utensils. It adds a hint of festiveness guests will appreciate without going overboard. If you’re really feeling the Fourth of July spirit, your gazebo is the ideal location for string lighting, banners or streamers.


Fourth of July is an anticipated holiday for many. It’s symbolic of delicious food, spending time with family friends, and just enjoying the day. With a handcrafted gazebo from, your Fourth of July holiday can be just a bit more special. Search for gazebos, pergolas and pavilions at and enhance your space for any special occasion.

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