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Gazebo Maintenance | Plant in the Fall, Bloom in the Spring


While the days are still hot and summer seems to be in full swing, we are actually nearing the end. The sun is now rising earlier and setting sooner, meaning fall weather is right around the corner. Just because the weather will be cooler doesn’t mean the elegance of your gazebo has to dwindle. Prepare your outdoor oasis for spring (yes, we’re mentioning spring in August) with plants that do best when planted in the fall!


Produce: If you’re an avid produce gardener, you will be pleased to know they are many types of veggies and herbs that can be planted in fall for spring harvest. Spinach, onions and garlic  are perfect examples of produce items that thrive the most when planted in the fall. For spinach, plant the seeds in September, then cover the beds in November with a row cover to protect the seedlings. When March and April arrive, you will be pleasantly surprised to find your seeds have grown perfectly!


Daffodils: If you’re a fan of the daffodil you’re in luck. Several types of daffodils produce beautiful spring results when planted in the fall. From the “Jack Snipe,” “Tete a Tete,” “Thalia,” “Baby Moon” and more, the Daffodil is sure to be a crowd pleaser come April, 2014. For a complete list of what Daffodils to plant this fall, check out “Best Spring-Blooming Bulbs” from Better Homes & Gardens.


Alliums: Similar to the Daffodil, various types of Alliums are also known to grow into beautiful spring bulbs if planted in the fall. The “Purple Sensation” Allium boasts bold violet-purple flower heads atop 3-foot stems. If you like color, this might be one of your top choices. Similarly, the “Globemaster” Allium is a lighter shade of purple, but shares the same rounded look. Have problems with critters eating your plants? Rabbits, deer and other critters avoid these flowers.


Tulips: Ah, the infamous tulip. Who doesn’t love these? Not only are these bulbs popular amongst millions of gardens across America, they are also a staple of spring. Planting these flowers in the fall months will have you anticipating their flawless spring bloom. For a striking pop of color, try the “Fusilier” Tulip, which produces an intense reddish-orange bulb. For something a bit more subtle, the “Spring Green” Tulip adds a soft touch.


There are plenty of other flowers that offer great spring results if planted now. Included but not limited to are Hyacinths, Snowdrops, Irises, Camassias and more. If you want your gazebo to look fresh and stunning this spring without the last minute work, get started now and you will not be disappointed. Don’t have a gazebo just yet? No problem. Browse our wood gazebos, vinyl gazebos and three season gazebos today.

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