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Gazebos: The Perfect Spring Accessory


Baby, it’s cold outside...but spring is on the way (we think)! If your weather is anything like the Midwest, you’re undoubtedly hoping for some warmth and sunshine. We’re confident it’s coming, and want to make sure you’re 100% ready for the big change.


There are plenty of things you can do to enhance your home’s curb appeal and landscape. Planting flowers, investing in lawn ornaments, keeping up with landscaping and adding a deck or patio are all viable options. But what could you do to enhance it just a little bit further? Perhaps you’re looking for a place to entertain. Maybe you’re in need of a quiet place to relax. Or maybe you just want to add a focal point to your outdoor space.


Whatever the reason, we’re confident has something for you. From gazebos, pergolas, pavilions and three season gazebos, our products are timeless and solid. Read on to find out more about our handcrafted outdoor structures.



A gazebo truly is the perfect complement to any outdoor space. Ideal for relaxing, entertaining or simply to add aesthetic beauty, our handcrafted gazebos can be used for just about anything. We're confident you'll find our gazebos to be the perfect addition to your landscape.



Similar to our popular gazebos, our pergolas are an attractive alternative. Perfect for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, the pavilions at are made from traditional wood or low-maintenance vinyl.



Perhaps the most unique of our outdoor structures are our pergolas. A pergola is a welcoming and dignified extension to a home or office. They create an airy sense of space and offer a quiet area for reflection. Just like the gazebo and pavilion, a pergola offers many uses from relaxing, entertaining or just enjoying the space. It instantly creates an outdoor space your family will love and neighbors will admire!


Three Season Gazebo

Want to enjoy your outdoor space all year long? We’re not surprised. A three season gazebo offers the best of both worlds - outdoor comfort whether in rain or shine. Designed to provide an alternative to indoor areas for lounging, relaxing or socializing, our three season gazebos are sure to perfectly accommodate any outdoor setting. Constructed in our classic cedar or sleeved in a low-maintenance white vinyl.

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