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Gazebos vs Three Season Gazebos


Summer is around the corner and you’re looking for a way to get more from your outdoor space. You decide a gazebo is the perfect solution (we agree!). But during your search you notice three season gazebos as well. You may start to wonder what the difference is between the two structures and which is the better option. Well, we can’t tell you which one is better - both have plenty of benefits. What we can do is give you a rundown of both options to help  you choose the structure that is best for you.


Gazebos & Three Season Gazebos - Similarities


Available in cedar, pine and low-maintenance white vinyl

Available in a variety of styles

Both add value to your property

Both can serve as an extension to the home

Each is the perfect solution for relaxing, spending time outdoors and entertaining

Explore accessories and add-ons for each structure to make it uniquely your own

Gazebos and three season gazebos are both available in several shapes, including rectangle, octagon, decagon and oblong.

Both can serve as an aesthetic focal point of an outdoor space



Gazebos & Three Season Gazebos - Differences


Three season gazebos are enclosed with screens or doors while gazebos are open

Gazebos tend to be less expensive than three season gazebos

A three season gazebo has more potential to be turned into an outdoor “room”

A three season gazebo can be used as a spa or hot tub enclosure

Gazebos are more “seasonal” whereas three season gazebos can be used during most times of the year



As you can see, the possibilities are endless with both gazebos and three season gazebos. Make a gazebo or three season gazebo a part of your landscape this summer. Each is a trademark piece of the American landscape. Contact us today for a free quote!

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