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How to Decide if a Gazebo is Right for You


Buying a gazebo: You’ve contemplated it for years. You’ve thought about all the things you would do if you had one. You’ve even browsed lawn gnomes and plants based on the idea that you would someday have a gazebo. But for some reason, you haven’t pulled the trigger.


We get it. A gazebo is a big purchase. And deciding if a gazebo is right for you is a big deal - much like purchasing a car or home. With a gazebo comes a unique style and vision. It comes with responsibility. It comes with a desire to enjoy all the things a gazebo has to offer.


At, we want to make buying a gazebo an enjoyable process. Decide if a gazebo is right for you using these tips.


What Will You Use it For?

Some people buy a gazebo because they love entertaining. Others buy a gazebo because they have a keen knack for gardening and want a gazebo to be the focal point of their outdoor wonderland. Many want both of these things. Some want neither. Deciding why you want a gazebo is the first step in finding out if it’s an appropriate purchase. Ask our staff about all the lovely uses for gazebos - we love chatting about it! Or, consider these uses:




Spa Enclosure

Garden Retreat

Year Round Shelter

Additional Living Space



How Much Space Do You Have?

As mentioned in our article entitled “Mistakes to Avoid when Purchasing a Gazebo” space is a huge deciding factor in any gazebo purchase. Buy one that’s too big and you have a messy return on your hands. Buy one that is too small and you’ll be scratching your head wondering how to fill the space. Measure your space before starting your gazebo search. Our staff will help you decide which size is the most suitable for your space.



Your location plays a big role. Depending on where you live, weather might be an issue. Depending on the government regulated rules of your location, you may need permission or a permit to begin building. Make sure to take both of these factors into consideration before buying a gazebo.


Buying a gazebo can also present another big decision: do you want a gazebo - or a pergola, pavilion or three season gazebo? All options have differing benefits to satisfy any customer. The staff at looks forward to helping you make a decision that will enhance your landscape for years to come. Contact us today to get started, or fill out a free quote!

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