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Maintaining a Wooden Gazebo


A wooden gazebo is an inexpensive way to turn an ordinary backyard into a relaxing retreat or place for entertaining. One thing many customers worry about is ongoing maintenance. Will your beautiful gazebo look as good in five years as it did when you built it? The key to a stunning gazebo for years to come is knowing a few simple maintenance rules. Follow these tips, and your gazebo will look great for decades.


Building a gazebo starts with a solid foundation. Getting it right from the start will help in the long run in terms of longevity and maintenance. Any wooden outdoor structure needs to be built to withstand the elements. Luckily, that is exactly how designs all of their products!


Your gazebo should be built on a firm, solid foundation. This prevents the supporting posts from soaking in water. A strong roof will also protect your gazebo from moisture and direct sunlight. A staff member will help you choose the best roof to fit your needs. Don't forget to apply a good quality water repellant sealer! What type of sealer you use will depend on whether or not your gazebo is painted. Based on these starter tips, maintaining your wood gazebo will be easy.


Different from a vinyl gazebo, a wooden gazebo will need to be washed from time to time. We recommend a mild, eco-friendly detergent. This will keep your wooden gazebo looking new and prevent mildew build up.


Can you use a pressure hose or scrub brush? Sure, but we don't recommend it. These tools could actually damage your finish. If you'd like to use a brush for scrubbing, make sure it's a soft-bristle brush.


Another thing to think about is resealing. Your wood gazebo will need to be resealed or repainted every two years or so. Additionally, keeping your gazebo fresh and sparkling means maintaining its surroundings. Make sure the grass or garden around your gazebo is properly maintained to keeps vines from climbing up the side of your gazebo.


Wood gazebos offer a traditional look to any outdoor space. They comply with both the classic and modern personalities. While a wooden gazebo is both beautiful and traditional, don't rule out the possibility of a vinyl gazebo. has a variety of both materials and can help explain the benefits of each.

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