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Preparing Your Gazebo Site


Are you building a gazebo? Great! Before getting started, you will want to make sure you know how to properly prepare and level your land. After all, carries gazebo kits that are delivered to and installed by the customer - so being informed on how to prepare your land for your gazebo is a pretty big factor. Follow these steps to ensure your gazebo will be standing tall, straight, sturdy and steady.


From, here’s what you need to do to prepare your gazebo site.



Measure the space where your gazebo will go before purchasing. The last thing you want is have your gazebo kit delivered and realize it is too small or too big for the space.  Make sure the area of choice is flat, and that there is enough room for a few feet of leeway on all sides of the gazebo.



It is of utmost importance that your site is level. If the gazebo is going on your lawn you must first (at a minimum) put down a 3-4 inch layer of crushed stone. While we believe the best foundation for a  gazebo is a concrete slab, you may also use crushed limestone gravel or patio stones or blocks. Once you have chosen the foundation material, it must be leveled within 1-2 inches from side to side. A hard, compact base for your gazebo will both support it and allow for proper drainage below.



Before purchasing a gazebo, it is important to check your neighborhood’s laws, codes and regulations. Depending on your location, home owners associations and local governments might want to be consulted about gazebo projects. Local codes are almost always available online, making it easy for you to determine if a permit is necessary. Contact your city or village before starting a gazebo project to ensure your project is allowed and up to code.


At, our DIY gazebo kits are delivered to your door with simple instructions for completing your gazebo in a short amount of time. Should you have any questions about preparing your site or how to install your gazebo, our experienced staff is there to help you every step of the way.


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