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Which Outdoor Structure is Right for You? offers several structures to enhance the homes, backyards and commercial environments for our customers. While every product is designed with precision and handcrafted for quality and longevity, each has different uses and purposes. Choosing the outdoor structure that will accompany your home or office starts with weighing its uses.



The outdoor gazebo is a trademark piece of the American landscape. Looking for peace and quiet? Create a space away from it all with a handcrafted gazebo. Available in a variety of styles and shapes, our gazebos are made to fit the distinct needs of our customers. Popularly paired with picturesque gardening, a gazebo can be the perfect escape from the stresses of everyday. Whether for entertaining, relaxing or purely aesthetics, a gazebo is the ideal addition to any outdoor space. Next time you decide to invite company over, enjoy the company of family friends beneath the stars in your handcrafted gazebo.



Add the perfect touch of elegance to your backyard or garden with a handcrafted pergola from Aside from aesthetics, a pergola can help you and your family enjoy what life has to offer from the comfort of your own backyard. Cook and dine outdoors as a pergola offers an airy sense of space in any backyard or garden. Looking to relax? Add a couple lounge chairs and a pergola becomes the perfect spot to lounge poolside on a warm summer day.



Typically seen at parks and recreational areas, a pavilion is often used to as shelter for parties, gatherings and professional events. Don’t get caught up in its traditional uses, however. Smaller versions of the pavilion are seen at homes across the country. Perfect for adding an additional dining space, an outdoor living room, or some simple shade, pavilions are a stunning addition to any outdoor space.


Three Season Gazebo

Sharing part of its name with the standard gazebo, the three season gazebo is a step up from ordinary. Typically used for spa and hot tub enclosures, a three season gazebo can add a whole new life to your backyard. Looking for more space? What about a place to socialize? A three season gazebo can become a new room in your home. Dress it up with furniture, lighting and even a fireplace, and a true outdoor oasis has been created. Our three season gazebos are offered in both wood and vinyl and are designed to meet the needs of any homeowner.


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