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Why Now is the Time to Buy a Gazebo


When is the best time to buy a gazebo? Right now. That’s right - right now is the best time to purchase a gazebo from We know what you’re thinking - why would you build a gazebo when fall is just around the corner? Won’t you get less use out of the gazebo? Well - yes and no.


Gazebos are meant to be enjoyed year round, especially a three season gazebo. Even though the weather is getting cooler, there are still a few weeks of warm temperatures ahead. (Maybe more if we’re lucky!). So, there is no better time than now to get started on building your gazebo kit. That way, it will be ready for use next spring.


Still not convinced? Consider these reasons to buy a gazebo right now.


Timing: There is no time better than now to purchase a gazebo. So far it looks like the blistering hot weather is behind us, so building your gazebo can actually be enjoyable! This cooler weather provides a comfortable and safe assembly environment.


Aesthetics: The change of seasons provides ample aesthetic enjoyment for gazebos. Have the opportunity to watch your gazebo adapt to the seasons as we approach fall, winter and spring.


Weather: One reason customers avoid purchasing gazebos during this time is because they fear the wear and tear of the winter months. Fortunately, every gazebo at is designed and built to withstand harsh weather conditions, including, rain, hail and snow. Rest assured your gazebo will still be looking beautiful long after winter, and for years to come.


Convenience: Most gazebo-owners look forward to enjoying their structure during spring and summer. Purchasing a gazebo now takes a load of stress off, as you won’t have to worry about doing it when spring rolls around next year. Your gazebo will already be up and ready. Nothing wrong with working ahead, right?


Gazebos add a lifetime of enjoyment to any outdoor landscape. We cater to the unique needs of all our customers. Whether you prefer wood or vinyl, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for something completely different, we offer custom gazebos for every taste. Start your gazebo search today and get building before it’s too late!

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